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The journey to Shingaar

Shingaar 's name derived from the Sanskrit word Shringar, depicting a 16 steps' adornment ritual, performed before wedding or important occasions and believed to enhance the women's beauty and create a Goddess-like aura around her.


The story of Shingaar started in North India, in  the Jammu and Kashmir state, where Frédérique was posted, in a humanitarian assignment.

There, she got Introduced to the world of pashminas, their incredible softness and warmth, as well as their intricate  and  remarkable embroideries.

She shared her life between India and Switzerland for 10 years, and continued during this time to discover and learn about the artisanal world of India,  from J&K to Rajasthan, than travelled to Nepal, and finally Vietnam,

Her encounters with skilled and amazing craftsmen and women convinced her to work with them to design and propose you a collection of high quality accessories, responsibly and ethically sourced.


Shingaar hopes that each piece of jewelry, knitwear or shawl that you will acquire will make you travel to these amazing locations and worlds, and will enhance your own beauty, in the true spirit of the Shringar

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